Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to Lighten Fire Under Your Butt

For years, there was no fire under my butt. Are you exposed to a fire?
I know what it's like to not wake up in the morning. To feel empty and heavy at the same time. Be thankful, but do not feel.
I want my full story with you. I want this you some ideas for how to back your inner spark. When you were little, you burned brightly in and through. Somehow, with all the bad advice you receive from people who love and hate you, you lose hope of your own. You put out your own fire.
Now it's time to try again. I dont know
"Passion is the origin of genius." - Tony Robbins
When I was younger, I was a passionate ball of passion. Maybe too much.
My childhood is an obstacle, not because it's actually rude. I grew up in a family that could not stop feeling sorry for myself.
I sleep at home without a roof over my head because we do not have enough money to rent while fixing our house. When it rains at night, sleep becomes impossible. The rain will wet my sheets and bed.
In the morning, I would slip my feet into slippers lying at the base of 3 inches of freezing air on the ground and deviations to the breakfast table, flakes floating along the road. My mother still has a breakfast table at home with air marks on the legs.
My parents sold the house as soon as it was done, and we went to another construction site where we will stay for the next 9 months while they run the dry cleaning business and equipment company 7 days a week. We move almost every year, unless the conditions of the real estate market go south and we are stuck with the house longer than.
I remember when my mother was sick from just drinking Coke for two weeks. Peanuts Coke somehow adds less cost of air. Her stomach hurts for a few days, and she never likes Coke anymore.
We continue to live on the edge of finance. But that's not the real problem.
They feel cheated to live happily. They only learn to make money by doing things they do not enjoy. In other words, it works. The type of work that does not exist with who you are and what you like. The kind of work you get paid for something other people can do if they're pretty much nonsense. Their souls die in the process. They are suffering greatly. And you know what they say about misery. Need a company. My brother and I are his company. They also found another company.
We are immigrants, and my parents can barely speak the language, so we do not have many lucrative options. But there is still something about the content of their belief that there is no other opportunity for them, even as they build a solid financial foundation for themselves. They never return to joy.
I do not know for sure someone can make money in a different way.
Even after I was accepted into a college that took me away from the feelings of resentment, stress, and anger that swallowed our daily rituals and our interactions with others, I did not understand. At school, I sell different packages about how to "apply" in the world. There was a strange-sounding job title, almost none of which my parents recognized. Investment banking, management consulting, philanthropy.
Keep 'em Short and Sweet
My heart misses something else. My passion steadily me towards the laws of human rights, art, music, philosophy. I see it as a real problem.
Do not be stupid, my parents say, make money. They believe it is happy and making money will not be driven by one life. They are two completely separate things.
I received my first job on Wall Street after my master's degree. When my second job was as an analyst at one of the most powerful funds in the world at that time, I made the decision to extinguish my fire. My heart hurt so much, I cried to sleep every night for nine months until I was numb. It feels like love dies.
Suggestions for Your Spark Lighting None
When the lights went out, it did not seem to be there. First obstacles to overcome? To see this is not true.
Start small - disappear
When people say, starting from small, they usually mean things like, "call friends and invite them to drink coffee with you." Sound tiring?
I say, start smaller. Let's make a goal for improvement. You did it
Decide you will stretch your body for five minutes. Do it, and be arrogant.

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